Everything you Need to Know about Regenerative Therapy

Science and technology have found a nice relationship together in recent years, accomplishing improvements to outcomes for patients while reducing the cost of treatments. Many of the traditional ways of treating injuries and disease are no longer acceptable to patients, and especially aging patients who have higher standards and expectations. Regenerative therapy has become a [...]

Age and Exercise: Are You Really 5 Years Younger?

It goes without saying that exercise is great for your body. But just how good does it get? Can it take you back in time? No, we’re not talking about time machines or magic, or even movies starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. Consistent exercise can actually reduce your biological age - the age [...]

Dancing: an exercise for your body and… brain?

The concept of a sound mind in a sound body isn’t something we tend to think about in our youth. We’re agile, often building a career, creating a family of our own, and trying to find our place in the world. As we age, however, ailments and diseases that come to attack our minds and [...]

Ask Dr. Whitted: I’m in my 30s and having some knee pain.

Question: I’m in my 30s and having some knee pain. I’m assuming its old football injuries. I don’t want to have surgery, but I’m having pain which is greater on some days than others. What should I do? The best thing to do is to have an evaluation with an experienced orthopedist, so you can [...]

Getting Your Life Back Again

A few days ago I saw one of my stem cell injection patients, who was being treated for knee arthritis. His visit was several weeks after a regenerative therapy injection to the knee. He is a tall, athletic 40-something who doesn’t quite look his years. He is a fireman, so of course his work is [...]