Everything you Need to Know about Regenerative Therapy

Science and technology have found a nice relationship together in recent years, accomplishing improvements to outcomes for patients while reducing the cost of treatments. Many of the traditional ways of treating injuries and disease are no longer acceptable to patients, and especially aging patients who have higher standards and expectations.

Regenerative therapy has become a game changer in the medical industry. And in many cases, regenerative treatments have the ability to heal damaged tissues or organs completely. This treatment option has given hope to people with conditions that were previously beyond repair.

What is Regenerative Therapy?

When the body has an injury or invaded by a disease, it initiates a healing process. What if there was a way the body could heal faster and better? What if it was possible to manage the healing process of the body and limit pain?

Regenerative therapy like stem cell treatments work to restore the structure of damaged tissue. Possibly, you could think of it as providing new ammo for the body to heal itself more effectively and reduce pain in the process.

The process is quite simple, and only takes a couple of hours. Many of my patients seemed to be just settling in for a long haul when I announced that we were all done!

The Role of Stem Cells

After injection, stem cells can develop into new cells through a process known as cell differentiation. The injected stem cells and all of the healing elements they bring with them help repair tissues when injected directly into the injured area.

These cells not only replicate themselves to regenerate lost tissue after an injury, they also lure some of your body’s own stem cells to join in the process. What many people find most comforting is that this treatment also reduces inflammation, therefore limiting pain. With their ability to take on the structure of other cells, stem cells work best to replace or repair damaged tissues and thus become a good alternative to surgery for many patients.

Who can Benefit From Stem cell Treatment?

Since stem cell treatment can replace damaged tissues with healthier ones, it has become more of a cure than just a remedy for many patients. Patients suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, joint pains, injuries, and more have found pain relief and a renewed sense of vigor for life after their treatments. For them, this is a better treatment option versus surgery.

Benefits of Stem cell Therapy

As an alternative to treatment with medication or surgery, for thousands of people around the world, stem cell therapy is growing in popularity. If you suffer from a lagging injury, or other joint pain, you could be a candidate. The major benefit of choosing stem cell therapy is reduced pain, but also the physical limitations that keep you from walking on your favorite trail, biking, playing with your grandkids, and more.